Possible unusual ww1 flechette?

Recently purchased this unusual item. I was told that it was an early WW1 or earlier air dropped flechette and that it was purchased from an antique shop somewhere in England. Looks to be primarily made out of brass with fins possibly be made from steel or other type of metal. Pretty heavy for its size.

Anyone have any ideas on it?


Somehow I can not see the purpose in wasting pressious materials and also not in the needle point.

I assume it to be something else.


It looks like a toy rocket ship I had in a game when I was a kid… mind you, this is from a 61 year old mind.

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Super Puzzling! It is nicely built if as old as they claim. I thought maybe a toy dart or something, but to small for a good grip. The fins look to fit inside the body in a grooved cutout. Crazy Mystery


Just measured it and it is just under 2.5 inches.