Possibly a new ammo venue for my ammo collecting

8 years ago I made a similar announcement when my oldest daughter joined the US Navy. Thanks to her I visited places, musea and military installations all over the States (I did not visit her in Okinawa).
Today my youngest daughter joined USAF. So I’ll be going to Texas for boot camp graduation. And afterwards…I don’t know. Hopefully this will bring new experiences in places far away. And maybe some ammo photos too!!!


Congratulations to you and especially your daughter.
I enjoyed all of your museum posts and look forward to more.
Here are a few in the south if you need some recommendations.
WW2 in the Pacific Museum - Fredericksburg, TX
National WW2 Museum- New Orleans
USS Alabama, etc- Mobile, AL
USAF Armament Museum, Ft. Walton Beach, FL

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Congratulations! My son and daughter-in-law are USAF. She is an ordnance specialist and handles everything from 9x19mm and 5.56x45mm up to nuclear bombs. I second the Admiral Nimitz museum in Fredericksburg being worth a visit and am going to the WWII museum in New Orleans next week.

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Congratulations Vlad!

Please pass my gratitude along to you daughters for their service to our great country. God Bless them and keep them safe.


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Vlad - I thank your daughters for their service. As to Musueums, if not already mentioned in some former thread and you have not been there, I highly recommend the wonderful WWI Museum in Kansas City, which, by the way, I understand was built with no Federal money.

I was flabbergasted to see there a battle-damaged, French WWI tank that until it “disappeared” when the gun room was eliminated, from the deYoung Museum in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, was there for us to see. As a kid, that was always a special trip within The City for my friends and I.

John Moss

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Not a military museum, but up the road in Waco is the Texas Ranger museum. Lots of shootin’ stuff there also and well worth a visit. Lackland AFB had the USAF Security Forces Museum on base (Lackland AFB is the HQ of the USAF Security Forces, and the SF academy is at Camp Bullis on the north side of San Antonio). I don’t know if the Museum still exists or if it is open to the public, as it has been over 15 years since I was there. Wouldn’t hurt to ask.

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Thanks, everyone. There is a base there called San Antonio Bullis. Is there a museum there?

It is called Camp Bullis. It is a training area used by both the Army and USAF. It has some large small arms ranges. No museums there, and in fact it is not possible to gain access unless you are military or have business there. It is on the north side of San Antonio, north of Loop 1604. Also in San Antonio is Fort Sam Houston (U. S. Army), and there is a military museum there, and it is pretty good - again I have not been there in a long time.

San Antonio is a big military city, and it has several bases - Lackland AFB, Randolph AFB, Fort Sam Houston, and Camp Bullis, known collectively as “Joint Base San Antonio”

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Nice Vlad, wish her all the best from us in her new career.

Best museum for the USAF is Dayton, or anyplace that have a B-52

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This place has one B-52, used to have MANY http://www.bocn.co.uk/vbforum/threads/101586-March-Field-Air-Museum-Riverside-CA

In Corpus Christi there is the USS Lexington. Its a great aircraft carrier Museum.
They also have a smaller ship (maybe a destroyer?) and a submarine.
And definitely great full for there service. I feel like I missed out by not going in the military.

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I have to agree with JM, the WW1 museum in KC is absolutely stunning…

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Yes, that museum is on my list. I am thinking of driving to St.Louis, and taking 1 day trip to Kansas City on Tuesday (3 hours there, 3 hours back) to visit this museum, before SLICS starts. Otherwise,it is off my normal road routes, just like Ft.Sill museum.

U.S. Army FIeld Artillery Museum at Ft. Sill is SUPERB! Yes, out of the way, and on the base, with the usual hassles with security, but well worth the visit. They recently added a huge new addition with more exhibits.

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We have a great Air Force related (and other stuff, too) here in Idaho, should you ever get this direction. The Warhawk Museum, Nampa, ID. I put in their web link below.


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Wow thanks Bob! I live in Boise, just moved here a few months ago and was wondering what it was like. You convinced me to go this week!

Just came from the Warhawk Museum in Nampa Idaho, very impressive!! I even inquired about a job as a mechanic on their WW2 aircraft that they restore and fly. They need people and I’m FAA certified. That would be great to be associated with such a place.

If you are near Albuquerque, New Mexico, the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History might be worth a visit. It used to be called the National Atomic Museum when it was located inside Kirtland AF Base. I visited about 30 years ago and it was pretty much dedicated 100% to nuclear weapons development. It looks like they have added some other areas like nuclear medicine, but it still appears to be mainly focused on weapons development.


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I will keep that in mind. I love museums… I’ll tell ya though that one in KC was very impressive though.