Possibly of interest to Shot Gun shell collectors?

I think if I were to collect a different type of ammunition that it would have to be shotgun shells. I saw these sets as well as others on GB and thought they were cool. I can see walls covered in shelves top to bottom with a gazzilion colors, sizes and manufacturers.


gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewIt … =297115257

Just say the word, and I believe you will start receiving a flood of free, anonymous packages from all over the US, maybe even a few from PA.

Very good idea !


JASON if you want to start collecting these let me know, I can cover at least one wall for you… and a large one at that! Just let me know where you want the freight driver to deliver the pallets.

You guys are the best. For now I will hold off on a new collection specialty. I live in a very tiny house and all my walls are full. I just think they are awesome and would be a great ammunition to display. I am very grateful to you all for the incredibly generous offers, You guys rule big time and I thank you.