Post 1980 7.62X54 LPS bullets


I work for a ballistic armor company. On our most recent testing we are required to use a 7.62X54 LPS bullet as the threat. We have a supplier that has been providing us with 7.62X54 LPS bullets that have a silver tip. In my research, I have seen that these were real LPS bullets produced and supplied by a few countries up until 1980. After 1980, the tips were no longer colored. I have seen on the J&G website were they have 7.62X54 ammo labeled LPS. The spam can is stamped with the Russian letters that translate to LPS. Are these “newer” bullets the same as the old silver tipped LPS bullets. The reason I ask is that these newer bullets are 95% cheaper and readily available. I am new to this site and any info would be great.


Yes. The only change was the deletion of the color code.



Thanks AKMS.


The LPS has no color tip since 1978.

From 1986 on the cores were thermal treated and so with hardened. They are condidered to be AP.

Besides this the LPS is not in production anymore and is replaced by the “7N13” “PP” (former designation “ST-M2”) which is in production since 1989.

As often threat assessments are basing on outdated ammo info.


Were the 1986 and later projectiles still called the “LPS”? Surely a change in designation followed the heat treating of the cores… ST-M2?



Russian sources say it’s designation remained “LPS”. The ST-M2 (a development stage) was somewhat later and likely resulted from the modified LPS.



Thanks for the useful information. I will try and gather some more info on the newer LPS bullets. Raymond