Post in the Buy/Sell/Trade

Why cant I post in the buy/sell/trade part, I want to sell my shotgun cartridge collection but it wont allow me to post anything ?? I can post in all other sections


Rich, follow the instructions at on the post at the top of the BST forum, here, and once verified as being an IAA member you will be able to post there.

many thanks, job done just got to wait now


How long do we usually wait before we are verified and able to post in buy/sell/trade?

i’m not a complainer but I’m eager and i think it has been over a month as pending.

me too I been waiting along time!

Sometime I can not figure out who is requesting by just the email or forum user name. Can you guys PM me your names and where you live so I can match it up with the database and I will get you guys approved.