Post some pics of chinese cartridge


These are my only collection of cartridges.
The collection of ammunition is illegal in here.


I have to amend the subject.


Have you seen the IAA article on the ( website? It would be very interesting if you could provide any additions or corrections to that.


Jon - can you post a link? I’ve seen this before but can’t find it anymore.



Jon - can you post a link? I’ve seen this before but can’t find it anymore.

pbutler[/quote] I do believe that he tried to post a link, I don’t know if it’s correct as I can bairly read english, let alone chinese.


Found it! Here is the complete link to the article


Tiengulden - who told you your English is very bad? I can’t say anything for your ability to speak it, read it, or understand spoken English, but I can tell you that you write it very well. You communicate excellently, and that is all that matters. Thank you for participating in the Forum. I think all of us will learn a lot from you, and perhaps you will learn some from us as well.


DAP92 pistol cartridge

DBP87 rifle cartridge (4.15g light bullet)

left:7.62’s steel core, middle:5.8’s heavy steel core, right:5.8’s light steel core

DVP88 heavy machine gun cartridge (5g heavy bullet)


5.8x42mm & 7.62x39mm


AWESOME pics and cutaways! Super interesting, thanks so much for the grate post.



Wow! Very cool! Thanks Tiengulden.


DBP87 (light bullet) is a rifle ammo, DVP88 is a machine gun & sniper rifle ammo, they can not exchange or mixed use.


Type 59 9mm pistol cartridge (9x18mm)

.45 ACP (imitation)

Type 64 7.62mm pistol cartridge

Type 64 7.62mm silencer submachine gun cartridge

early Type 50 7.62m pistol cartridge

laste Type 51 7.62mm pistol cartridge

DAP51-B (heavy bullet)


6.5x50mm (maybe falsified)

.223 Rem (imitation)


Type 54 12.7mm heavy machine gun cartridge (API)


Type 54 7.62mm rifle cartridge

case plating copper


Tiengulden, are you permitted to own guns at all in China? We can here in the UK, but both guns and ammunition are under serious restrictions. I am forced to collect empty cases and inert rounds.


Ordinary people holding guns and ammunitions are illegal in China, these pictures from souvenirs and illegal collection. Of course collection the bullet & case were legitimate.

illegal collection


Type 53 7.62mm machine gun cartridge