Post WW2 US match boxes

I am preparing an article for the IAA Journal on post-WW2 US Match boxes ( in caliber 30-06)
The so-famous Eagle boxes.
With the help of other collectors, I have covered most but I still need following information and any help is appreciated:

Frankford Arsenal, Lot numbers FA 113, 114 & 115. Which year 1960 or 1961

Lake City Arsenal, Lot numbers 12090 & 12091. Which year 1961 or 1962

Lake City, 1962, Lot number 12095. What does the box say ??
Lake City Arsenal or Lake City Ordnance Plant

Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, Lot numbers 12221 to 12229, which year 1965 or 1966

Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, Lot numbers 12247, 12248 & 12249, which year 1967 or 1968

Thanks a lot !!


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These are a bit late, (I only found then again last night) but I hope you might find themuseful.
The LEFT box dated 1959 has headstamp “FA 59 MATCH”, on bottom of box is “1236”.
The RIGHT box [no date as it was taped at some point in time] has headstamp “FA 61 MATCH”, on bottom of box is 0064 W".

Thanks Jack,
your right box has the correct ammo in it as I have (so far) Lot FA116 as first lot for 1961.
I am looking for the three lot numbers before this (Lot FA 113, FA 114 & FA 115) as I don’t know if These are 1960 or 1961


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