Post WWII Czech 7.9mm with German powder


While adding some boxes to my database I noticed this Czech 7.9mm vz. 34 (sS heavy ball) label. The Czechs were still using German WWII powder from mog (Deutsche Sprengchemie GmbH, Werk Moswig bei Bad Schmiedeberg) as late as 1947. The 15 round box has a German code also (oer 1944 - Gebr. Munser Papierwarenfabrik, Arnau/Sudetengau (Hostinné).
I thought someone might enjoy seeing the label/cartridge.

Does anyone have a later dated 7.9 or 9mm label with German components?


“German” Factories in the Czech and Slovak areas under German Control did not suffer the damage that plants in Germany Proper suffered from air-raids, etc. Even at war’s end, relatively few Czech towns and factories suffered any damage unless it was from Waffen-SS demolition squads, usually not very efficient or timely; actual “Battle” damage from Soviet/Hungarian/Bulgarian artillery was only sporadic.

The Powder could have been stockpiled at PS or elsewhere in either Bohmen-Mahren ( Czech side) or Slovakia from during the war; and the PapierWahren was based in the Sudeten Gau ( district) which was part of Czechoslovakia before 1938 and then immmediately after May 1945 again. So stocks of cartons were stored there as well.

The Czechs continued using German Code indicators during 1946 and even up to 48, as well as using Componentry held in stock or “work in progress” from before May 1945.

Interesting times in the former occupied Nations and satellite nations of the Reich.

Doc AV


Don’t have a picture at hand, German 7,9x33 powder was also loaded into the early 7,5/7,62s years later.


[color=#0040FF]edit: … and I seem to remember that it was PS who made Z50 in 1949.[/color]