Postal Regulations re: shipping ammunition

Here’s the official “word” - PROHIBITED

Not much room for interpretation.

There’s even a caveat in there disallowing any exceptions by anybody at anytime. So if AKMS or I, being the #1 and #2 best postal employees in the world, tell you it’s OK to ship via USPS, it’s still not gonna fly in court. No exceptions at no time, no how, no way. Pretty plain.

Inert ammo is unrestricted, domestically. It’s inert. Just a chunk of metal. No restrictions.

Let he who is without sin…

You guys are right-on of course, I knew the stipulations and regulations all along, and I was never proclaiming or advocating anything in my previous post which is now locked. My statements were actually posed in question form as ideas with question marks, as if to say: “What about this thought”. Obviously myself, and probably nobody else in the IAA would ever ship live ammo via post office mail, I was just using the known and blatantly clear phenomenon of people who do ship such ammunition as a way to juxtapose the seeming condition of concern by some on shipping inert ammo. As if to say: “whoa boys, not to worry too much now, just look at what some people do with the real live stuff, and right out in the open advertised for all to see”. That was the whole point of the post. I of course have the utmost respect for the moderators and understand their concerns in locking down certain threads which might give the wrong ideas. Also, I wouldn’t want to be a bridge-burner or problem-causer, but after the thread was locked, I was initially left thinking: “Gees, aren’t we all adults here who understand the difference between professional legal advocacy and thinking-out-loud interrogative propositions?”

Does anyone have any input relevent to UK? Obviously live ammo is a no no but what about inert or components?
So much mail is being X-rayed these days and things like banning inert items on Ebay and the refusal of some ebay equivilent sites to allow components to be advertised has brought about a ban by default.

I used to ship fired cases for reloading to a friend of mine who lives in rural Wales and can’t get supplies. The last package I sent arrived about 2 weeks late and had obviously been opened although nothing was ever said.
I haven’t sent any since. I am afraid to.

Do I have to make a 5 hour round trip to do a friend a favour? Effectively I have been intimidated into not doing something that is perfectly legal.

The terrorism thing is such a powerful justification for those in authority to make changes and call it public interest.

Vince - I do not think that mail sent internally in the UK is x-rayed nor indeed subjected to any security checks as a matter of routine.
You were certainly not committing any offence by mailing fired cases and I would guess at the delay possibly being due to the packaging having come open accidently or perhaps somebody felt the shape of a cartridge and initiated a security check. If that were the case then the fact that the items did eventually arrive with nothing being said confirms that you are indeed allowed to mail such items so don’t go making any more unecessary trips across to Wales!.
I have always understood that it is acceptable to mail ammunition components, including assembled inerted cartridges, so long as they do not contain propellant and the primers have been desensitized.
I’ve checked the Post Office’s website under the heading of ‘Prohibited Goods’ and there is no specific entry for ammunition. There is, however, a section for ‘Explosives’ which reads as follows;
Explosives are any chemical compound, mixture or device capable of producing an explosive/pyrotechnic effect, with substantial release of heat and gas. For example - ammunition, blasting caps, fireworks, flares, fuses, igniters and nitroglycerine.
I know such definitions are always open to interpretation but common sense suggests that their understanding of ammunition is that it is capable of producing an explosive/pyrotechnic effect with substantial release of heat and gas. Clearly fired cases and inerted cartridges/components do not fall into this category and are therefore acceptable in the mail system.
If you still have reservations or questions their site includes a phone number so you can phone and ask before mailing (08457 740740).
Hope this helps!

Yes Jim, That does help. The package had been slit open with a stanley knife or similar and then sealed with tape. It may be the motive was robbery because it was unusual and attracted interest.