Posting a PDF?


Nobody answered on the Tch Forum, perhaps someone here can help?

“I have a PDF I want to post. Photobucket won’t accept at as a valid upload. Is there something I can do to it to get PB to accept it, or is there a way to post it here directly?”


If it is a reference document on cartridges, you can send it to me on an email and I can post it on my website and send you the link if you’d like.



Will-do, thanks.


the other idea is to bring the pdf contents into a graphic file. Open the pdf, mark & copy the part you are especially interested in. Create a new and empty file using “Paint” - you will find it in Window’s accessories - then paste and save. That new file you can then upload.


the website can host a variety of document formats (PDF, DOC, etc), and make them available for reading online or downloading


Hans, unfortunately you lost me at “the other idea is…”!
Lew offered to put it on his website, and I will start a thread with a link to my PDF. I hope you guys will find it interesting.


I also have the same problem… I cleared my cookies and cleared my cache memory…

then deleted the temporary internet files from the system… then it worked…

try it out…

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Jon’s copy of the Ammo Pages from the CIA catalog is posted. You can get it by going to my website (see signiture block below) and going to “Free Downloads” or you can go directly to the page at:

Does anyone have the .pdf of the full catalog including the title??? If so I will be glad to post the whole thing. I believe there were multiple versions of this catalog over the years and a number of them have shown up as reprints in the US It would be good to post as many versions as are available.