Posting in buy trade sell

how do you post in this forum ?

To post in the buy/sell/trade folder you need to have IAA membership, at which point the admin gives you access. Being an IAA member means you pay for either the e-journal or printed journal option and you receive the collector’s guide, membership directory and a bi-monthly journal. Also discounts or free entry to some cartridge shows comes with that. The forum maintains that rule because otherwise the folder might be flooded with off-site sellers listing things in bulk. The IAA home page will have more info on membership.


Thank you Matt, I am a old new member. How can I get this switched on?


I’ve been a member since the spring and requested access to buy/sell/trade in the way the site describes - by requesting access to that group . . . and still nothing.

Can you help?


I would send a private message to Aaron and ask him about that (click on link below):

I do not have admin access to the forum to change user classes allowing them access the BST section.

The forum admins are RonMerchant, and christopherb.

I requested B/S/T access months ago and have still not received it.

Can RonMerchant or christopherb help us out?

The only help I can offer is to forward messages about the B/S/T Forum to ChrisB. He is the person authorized to grant access to that forum.

I haven’t had any contact with Chris for a long time, is he still in circulation? Might be a good idea to have a back-up.

It might be the case that when ChrisB handed over web admin duties to Aaron (which was design & maintenance of non-forum stuff) a few months ago, that the one forum duty ChrisB had exclusive control over was not passed on to anybody. We’ll get to the bottom of it and have someone approving buy/sell/trade access by next week… updates to follow.

Chris received the request and sends me a note to verify membership. If the email matches the membership email of record that verification is given to Chris. We often get requests whereby we have either an old email address or no email on record and can’t verify membership. As I remember maybe only one or two of ten requests were verified on the last request from Chris to me. Plus Chris is unavailable at times due to foreign job travel. However, having said this there may be plans to connect the membership list within the IAA with updating that Aaron is doing.

Be sure your membership email is updated in the membership database. Check the directory for your listing or send me a note.
Gary Muckel
IAA membership secretary

Gary, OK, I changed my forum email to be the same as my membership. I guess this was my fault of having too many emails! LOL

hope you can get me in Buy/Sell/Trade now.


Chris still handles the access. I just verify the membership to him at his request. I do not have any knowledge of the nickname used on the forum as to the member name. And even with it, I can’t directly provide access.

Please again request access through the system and hopefully Chris is in country to handle.

I am sorry we do not have a more efficient system.

I have checked my email addy and other info. and all seems in order. Sure wish I knew why I am still waiting for b/s/t approval.


Chris works overseas & I think it may well have a lot to do with the conditions he’s working under as to his access to the internet & his time to do things.

I’m sorry that it’s not working as smooth as it should, we’ll have to fix it, please give Chris some more time for the moment.

Keep your powder dry

I am very, very saddened. I thought both Aaron and Ron could leap tall buildings with a single bound. :-(


I can now leap those tall buildings.

Zac, Michael, and Devin (as well as a couple others) you are now in the IAA Members group and can post in the BST forum.

That was faster than a speeding bullet. (Cartridge reference included to make this post legit).

Ray–I can only leap small buildings these days and can only move at sub-sonic bullet speeds. Glad that Aaron is now a full Admin. This will help a lot since Chris is gone so much of the time.