Posting links - dead links

A big problem with posting links instead of photos is that the source changes and can make the thread useless. Here is an example:

“EBAY ITEM …Is this a real AAI 12ga ?”

This thread was about a sectioned 12ga flechette shotshell. It was hand done but still sold BIG when described as a factory cut away-which it was not.

The link to ebay which starts this thread brings up an “INVALID ITEM” page because the auction is long gone.

It is best to save the photo and post the photo NOT the link as the DEAD LINK makes the thread nearly worthless.

This is a valid problem.

It is best if people can post the photo (assuming it is their own, or they have the right to post it (NOT COPYRIGHTED IMAGES WITHOUT THE OWNER’S PERMISSION!) on a site that they own, where they can ensure it is available far into the future. Many ISPs give people some room for a personal website, and this is a good use for that. [Ask any teenager if you don’t know how to do that…].

Posting of images on the IAA site has a number of problems, some of them being
(a) legal lliability for hosting of images which we do not have rights to;
(b) figuring some systematic way of naming, storing, sorting (and eventually cleaning out) images posted by various people over a period of ??? years;
© ensuring that images hosted on the IAA site are not porn/spam;
(d) storage capacity/bandwidth (=$$$$) when you get a lot of images;
(e) the mechanics of making any such uploading of images easy for visitors, and easily managable by the all volunteer webmaster/moderator staff.

We are looking at image issues, but we don’t expect to offer to host any images on the IAA server in the forseeable future.

BIG JOB. Photobucket works great so far for me. If they start charging or go down - well - it will be a BIG problem.

When I research other sites many if not most of the links in posts are DEAD. Very discouraging.