Just tried to post on the B-S-T. Assuming it is a members only option, can I please have access? Pretty please. Sugar on top.

Member #2410, if that helps.

Sorry for the slow delay in getting everyone back on the B/S/T. I have focused attention on regular user registrations and working some finite back-end and server side issues. I’ll get around to it ASAP.



Saw the instructions. And followed them. Thanks.


I followed the instructions but still can’t post on the Buy/Sell/Trade forum.

As set forth in the last bullet. I have to manually check everyone’s membership in the IAA. I know a lot of you from the forum or at SLICS, but with all the user handles and e-mails that don’t match the e-mail one used to register with the IAA–things get delayed. Not to mention I only work on this stuff after work; and like today I went for mountain bike ride so it takes a little longer. Oh, and my pricy SRAM X0 rear derailer sheered in half. BAD DAY! I know, I should be tethered to the IAA Forum. Anyway, I saw you name on the roster and added it.

How about me? Please! I am still Vic

could you please add me also?

Sure I’d be happy to add you provided you trigger the mechanism in which puts you in the queue to be added to the IAA Member group. It’s laid out in the first post on the B/S/T forum. Your other account pierrejean already has access.