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I see a some of our friends have been having difficulty posting contributions with photos, and I have also had a similar problem – though that was most probably my fault. The old Forum had a lot of useful information on posting but I haven’t been able to locate much of this in the archives.

So to help us non-computer friendly folk, and as we also seem to be getting contributions from new guests who may not be familiar with the system, please could we have a comprehensive child’s guide to posting photos, from the use of Photobucket through to their insertion in a post? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

John E


Nothing has changed from the old forum; except the instructions have not been reposted. You sill host your photos on an external site and place the image’s URL between the Img code–there is even a easy to use button. Code that looks like this:

Will look like this:

We’ll see what we can do about posting photo instructions.




Thanks – Don’t think I’ll post that one though, he looks a bit off-topic!

John E


Maybe it’s the band .38 Special


Are you saying that we can only post photos from a different website?? I need to post photos from my hard drive files to the forum. Surely that is possible! If not, then whst’s the purpose?? When I click on the Img button I would think I should get a browse tool or something to select the photo that I need to post but that does not happen. I cannot paste a photo into the forum either! What gives??


Most forums don’t allow direct posting of photos.
Open up a free PB account (
Upload the photos from your card drive to PB
Copy the URL (web address) of your photo, click the forum “IMG” button and paste the URL between the 2 inner brackets.
OR copy the “IMG Code” (bottom selection on PB) and paste it into your post (this code string includes the same tags as the “IMG” button does)


@jleonardindy, tailgunner is correct; we specifically do not allow image hosting. we do this for a few reasons. the most compelling one is that we do not want to inadvertently host porn. prior to me building forum v. 2 (we are at v. 3) we were inundated with porn spam. it’s cooled off the last couple of years as me, ron, john s and others wield different tools and virtual battle axes against malicious registrations and posts. if we start hosting images, it takes up more room on the server, more room = more $. hosting the images would also go against our data flow limits, which again would cost the IAA more money. the all text forum, as is right now, is over 160-megs which I back up every week; throw photos into the loop and we are going to really start moving data. i’d also have to code an image hosting application, and well, my hands are full with just the forum
all that said, and as tailgunner said, there are a plethora of image hosting sites; sites that do a way better job of hosting images than we can do and they are free! so i encourage you, as everyone else has done, to utilize an image hosting solution external to the forum and post photos–because we all love photos of ammo!
if you have any questions, please let me know.



I have trouble too, but I’m not very good with this stuff. I started with Ron M’s notes-some of which I saved.

"Next, go to that site and copy the URL for the page or the image (“IMG”) string which correlates to your photo. Typically, this will be in the form of: “http://www.PhotoHostingSite/YourAcct/PhotoName.jpg” . . . .

Be sure you have the proper code string!! This should end in “.jpg” or another graphic file extension such as ".gif’ - which you may confirm by right clicking on the image and selecting “properties” from the resulting menu options. The difference between using a URL or image string is in the code seen at the beginning and end of the string. If you are sending someone TO your photo, use the URL which will begin with “[“url”]” . . . for the image to appear directly in your post, the image string will be “[“img”]” (the quotation marks were inserted here because otherwise the commands would not be visible in this document) - most sites offer both alternatives.

For example:

(1) Using the string which begins with the URL code - “[“url”]” - code to direct someone to it, the result will be: … R_Comp.jpg

(2) Using the string which begins with the IMG - “[“img”]” - code to display an image within the post, the result will be:


Note that in the above examples, the only difference is in the three characters appearing at the beginning and end of the string - “url” and “img” respectively. Some sites, such as Photobucket, provide the correct bracketed code for you. With others, you may need to enter it manually. In this case, there is a shortcut . . . look at the line of rectangular buttons immediately to the right of the term “Message body” . . . and note “Img” and “URL” . . . . Clicking on your choice creates a opening bracket command such as “[url]” . . . then you need only enter the URL and click the button again, which will give you the closing bracket command such as “[/img]” . . . and away you go. The active button also will display an asterisk ( * ) on it to highlight the fact one must click it a second time to close the string.


When posting a photo, please use the “Preview” button which is to the left of the “Submit” button you see immediately below the poll options before submitting the post. When you do, please verify that the width of the photo does not exceed the width of the display window. If this happens, anyone viewing the thread usually must scroll the screen sideways even to read text in another post on the thread because text will extend to the width of the page, however wide the page might be made by the photo.

For example:

(1) Using the string which begins with the URL code - “[“url”]” - code to direct someone to it, the result will be: … R_Comp.jpg

(2) Using the string which begins with the IMG - “[“img”]” - code to display an image within the post, the result will be:


        I had trouble getting the the file with the pictures I wanted. But got it with trial and error. 

And the "string which begins with the IMG or img did not exist, but when clicking on the IMG box, “copy” flashed for a second,
and that did it. Then just paste the string. And the pic showed up on the forum. For more than one pic, I had to put them on a page, one at a time, and then copy the page. Probably an easier way, but I don’t know it!

Good luck,
Looks like someone smarter than me posted already…good!