"Pot Sabot" small arms rounds?


I have been asked about “Pot Sabot” rounds in small arms calibres, specifically 7.62x39. This means nothing to me at all - does anyone know anything?

Thanks for any help.


Tony–Here is the only “Pot-Metal” 7.62x39 saboted round I am aware of. I’ll need to look up the headstamp, but, as I recall, it is Russian.


Ron, this should be soft iron. (yes it is Russian)


Thank you gentlemen, I’d not seen that one before.

Can you tell me anything about it? The purpose of the round, when it was developed, how successful it was? Plus the usual bullet weight, dimensions and muzzle velocity, if at all possible!


Maybe they are referring to the one-piece sabots like those used in the Remington “Accelerator”. Compared to discarding sabots with 2, 3, or 4 pieces that seperate one could call the one-piece type “pot shaped” I guess…

I’ve seen more than a few 7.62x39mm with this type of sabot, all “reloads” of one type or another. I recall seeing a few experimental Belgian 7.62x39mm with a similar sabot but made out of clear plastic…



I have a round like the one Ron has shown in my collection
It is definitely Russian, with 5.45mm machined steel “core” / bullet and stamped steel shell. Apparently made as experiment during development of the 5.45x39, so date must be somewhere in the mid- to late 1960s.


This one was attempt to fire saboted 5.6 mm from AKM with conical-bore muzzle attachment.
Also other designs are known: with flechette loading and plastic sabot with normal 5.45 bullet.