Is this a pouch for AA trainees to practice moving targets? Sorry for the hair of the dog

Standard, General Issue Pouch for Pacific Theatre and anywhere else that shotguns were used in Combat or for Security
Pump Winchesters and other Trench guns were widely used in Burma and SW Pacific Jungles,

Sadly, the Pouches did not protect the Paper-cased shells from Humidity, and only the Introduction of Brass-cased shells solved the Problem. (43-44.). Many soldiers preferred the common ( civilian) Belt Bandoleer (Leather or canvas web a la Mexican Bandit, for ease of reloading.

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Has anyone seen “repro” pouches like this for sale? Just wondering. Tom from MN

I believe the official designation for these is “Pouch, Shotgun Ammunition, M1938” and they were widely used in WW2 at least among troops who were issued shotguns. This undoubtedly included those given “trench guns” fitted for bayonet use in combat use, but equally likely for guards at supply dumps or guarding prisoners and the like who may have had “trench guns” or the “riot guns” which were merely shotguns with a short barrels (20-22 inches). The pouches may have been issued to aerial gunner trainees using the long barreled trap or skeet type guns to learn about leading targets, but that is less likely.

To answer your question, YES! these have been reproduced, some merely as cheap copies for reenactors to use, but many have been deceptively marked or marketed and there are probably as many fakes out there as originals. The WW2 items mostly had the greenish khaki webbing, sometimes mixed with OD, and later military procurement was in the later OD web into Vietnam when sometimes nylon was used. Original WW2 pouches have sold in the $100+ range, and fakes accurately described for more like $10, so if you don’t know your diamonds, you better know your jeweler who is selling them!

The one in the photo above is probably a reproduction.

If you need more, they are selling for $29, but nearly as nice copies with other maker names are as little as $13.95 with free shipping on Amazon.

Circus man P.T. Barnum said “There is a sucker born every minute.”

Thanks, John!

The pouch seems to be shedding…