Powder can accidental aquisition

Yea, it happened again.
I got something I did not really want in a package deal with something I desired. The things I desired have nothing to do with either cartridges nor powder cans… but they include a couple of NICE match rifle sights!
A full, unopened can of 2400:

An empty OLD 3031 can :

A full can of 4064:

An OLD can of 5066, at least partly full [I have not weighed it]:
A full can of BL-C:
Powder%20BLC%20Full_012140 Powder%20BLC%20Full_012151
An empty Unique can:

An empty Alcan can:

And last, but not least, an evidently unopened, full, Keg of Red Dot:
Powder%20Red%20Dot%20Full_013218 Powder%20Red%20Dot%20Full_013236 Powder%20Red%20Dot%20Full_013255

Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

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Just wondering where in your house you would keep a large amount of canned gun powder?

Pretty much all over the place, since I DO reload a number of cartridges, from 5.7x28 to .338 Win Mag, to .50-70 Gov’t.

As to the powder cans listed above… probably better to have them in the possession of a collector, eventually, so I am not tempted to “play” with the powder, in such a way that I know better than to.