Powder Measure Identification

I picked the powder measure pictured below in Europe I think, and have had it some time. Can someone identify it, or at least speculate on who “OKA” is?

The powder volume markings are 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5 and 6. I assume it was intended for black powder, and perhaps for shotguns but this is just idle speculation on my part.


I think this is a shot masuring device,if the #7,was for grams ,this would be a 108 grain powder charge,which to my memory,is quie large,if shot,it would be ok.In shooting Muzzle loading shot guns years ago, the powder was always in grains,and shot in drams.As for the initials,I have no idea.
Shot and Powder measuring devices look the same.Difference is the unit of measure.
Jack Wells

I have a number of these measures and whether shot or powder they are drams( many are marked “dr”). This is probably an 8 or 10 bore. I have always under stood that the shot and powder volumes were thrown the same. i.e., 5.5dr powder, 5.5dram shot per bbl. Shotshell boxes are today marked with dram equivalent loads. More of an indicator of velocity or relative power.

I just went and dug some out of a drawer and several are marked on one side ( of the adjustment indicator) drams and the other side ounces. One has drams only, others unmarked. I have some made in the UK and most that I have are American. One marked B G & I (bridgeport gun and implement) and it is for loading 10 bore. It is with large walnut loading block for loading 10 Ga brass shells 100 at a time. I don’t believe these were just for muzzleloaders.
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