Power Unit PC for CG Power Cutter M1

Sealed box of 12 x 35 mm tool cartridges designated “Power Unit PC for CG Power Unit M1”. This is the early 50 round package with a 50 round carton inside, as later examples are packed in 25 round boxes (two of them packed inside a translucent plastic envelope).

For more information about this cartridge read the following thread: Very short swedish blank

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Fede, great image/reference! Thanks a lot for sharing!

Do you happen to have images of the contained cartridge/hs?

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Fede, you are never disappointing us!!!

Fede - you don’t have much to do (:-) so I thought I would keep you busy. Since no dimensions with that cartridge, do you know what the “parent” case is, if any?


John, parent case is the 7.62 x 51. Dimensions are:

Case length: 34.15-34.18 mm (1.344-1.345")
Body length: 22.20-22.35 mm (.874-.879")
Neck length: 7.70-7.80 mm (.303-.307")
Rim diameter: 11.92-11.94 mm (.469-.470")
Head diameter: 11.91-11.95 mm (.468-.470")
Shoulder diameter: 11.65-11.67 mm (.458-.459")
Neck diameter: 8.55-8.61 mm (.336-.338")

Un saludo grande,