PPS ammo


I think there is something behind this central plastic plug, but I don’t remember what and why. May someone remind me?


There’s a resin core in those solid copper jacket bullets to achieve high velocity and supposedly fragmentation upon impact - they were similar to Magsafe in this regard but without the pellets. The black nose cap was to help with feeding in a semi-auto. The rds from PPS that were built like this were the .380 (MPP), the 9mm (MAP), and the .45 auto (MMC). The .25acp and .32acp were just solid copper hollow points. The .25acp was originally a solid brass type bullet until the ATF stepped in claiming AP ability which is silly. I have a photo of a PPS resin core load cut open at home and a resin core as a whole liberated from the jacket. I’ll post later.


Here (finally) is the resin core of a .45acp MMC and a cut-open projo. Also shown are two slightly different versions of the cartridge. I know the one on the right is their typical style which was the flat truncated HP style and is similar to how the .25 and .32 autos look. The one on the left is a more traditional jacket, probably from an HP load that had its core melted out before being refilled, similar to how Magsafe used to do it.



Do you know the nominal weights of the .380, 9mm and .45 resin core projectiles and/or the claimed velocities?