PPU 7.62x25mm Defense Line JHP


Just saw this online:



Is this new?



If we only had a 7.62x25 nut to tell us! :)


Now I wonder who that would be? :-)


Well, I am certainly a nut, but not the one in question. :-)

In my limited collection of Tokarevs, this loading is not new,
although the absence of a reddish-orange primer seal is for
this loading, I think. At least I don’t have it. However, I do have
many newer PPU auto pistol rounds that do not have it. The bullet
shown on the box label appears to be identical to that in my specimen
with a primer seal, however.

The box itself is totally new. Nice box art for a modern-style

Wonder if they offer it in Makarov?

John M.


This would be the first JHP load for 7.62x25 in a retail release in the U.S. since the Wolf Gold line several years back doing it, which was also PPU. I would guess this is that same exact loading?


You rang???
Never seen that packaging before, but as mentioned above, it might just be the standard PPU JHP loading. Any way to get a clearer look at the headstamp?


Is this any different than PPU’s standard offering of 7.62x25 JHP?


SGAmmo is the only place online with it at the moment, but I ordered some and will find out by next Friday probably.


The picture from Strelok has clearer headstamps in the picture.
The headstamp on this newer stuff is “PPU 7.62TT” which I was
surprised to find that I don’t have yet. The bullet appears in the
photos to be identical to the two I have in my collection, one with
"FNM 7.62TT" headstamp made for Portugal, and the other with
the standard “nny 7.62TT” headstamp (Cyrillic PPU) that in the
past years has been replaced with “PPU” in the Western Alphabet.

The box is totally new “box art” for PPU.

John Moss


I received some of this new box style JHP ammo and compared them to the older Wolf Gold stuff which is the same product on paper. The main difference I noticed was that the newer hollow point cavity looked cleaner / larger than the Wolf Gold version. Shown below with the Wolf Gold on left, and the new PPU Defense at right. The headstamp style was mentioned earlier and is shown.