PPU dated headstamps

Don’t know who collects these, but I noticed some dated PPU 16 headstamps inside of a box of 5.56 blanks I received today. I presume that most of the PPU stuff coming over for retail sale is not dated?


A couple of more examples of recent PPU production with dated headstamps:

7.62x51mm (2016)

5.56x45mm (2015)

From the PPU 2015-2016 USA Catalogue, while I have not seen all of these cartridges I would guess they all have dated headstamps:



I wonder who is using .303 blanks in quantity nowadays.

Movie use is the only thing I can think of, as military use of this calibre in any significant quantity would be unlikely.

I appreciate that they can list it in the catalogue as an option and produce a batch if a customer orders it.

Falcon, reenactors I guess?

Yes indeed, reenactors. I delivered in my county several permits for blank Lee-Enfields. Of course in .303. We have even a special reenacting gunlaw between 2014 and 2018. Don’t ask me details, nobody understands the monster.

Sportsmans Guide here in the U.S. has the 303 listed in stock - http://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/15-rds-ppu-303-british-extended-blank-ammo?a=1581643

In a recent import box of 7.92 blanks from PPU - this 2017 dated headstamp is found.


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