Ppu, grom?

Pardon me if someone else has coverd this, but a question came up in conversation about pressures not stated, in this instance ith PPU, or Prvi Partizan, and I did not find ammo secs other than velocity and energy charts.
Then I niticed this:


\ 200x300
Attentively analyzing your needs and wishes, we designed a new bullet. Type, made of copper alloy in mayor part and with a small lead core.
The research confirmed our efforts to offer you a high perfomance bullet type with an optimum balance of characteristics when penetrating: controlled and reliable expansion, deep penetration, maximum weight retention, good accuracy and satisfying energy.
GROM ammunition type is intended for big game hunting. For more information about this caliber go to Rifle Ammunition Search page.

GROM Rifle Bullets

Ctg Art. Caliber Dia. (inch) Type Bullet Weight (g) Bullet Weight (gr)
B-105 7 mm .284 Grom 10.2 158
B-323 30 .308 Grom 11.0 170
B-321 8 mm .322 Grom 12.0 185

I rarely ever see any actual pressure data for most retail ammunition aside from the pistol calibers marked +P or +P+. People generally use the velocity in relation to projectile weight to infer pressure, which is not exact at all, but is somewhat relative when comparing within any given caliber.

Yup, that was my response to the questioner.
His specific question was if PPU 7x57 was “… safe in a [South American] model Mauser rifle…”.
My reply was IF the rifle is safe to shoot, gunsmith inspected, verified headspace, etc., then yes, (liability being what it is, I had to add that in. I, however, :-0 would have just shot it.)

But, what do you think of “GROM”?

Do not know what to think about other than that it translates as “Thunder” and sure is the name of the product line.