PPU pistol calibers not sold in USA before


There are two new auto-pistol calibers now on the market in the United States that have not
been offered here before, to my knowledge. They are the 9 x 21 mm (Italian/Israeli version)
and the 9 mm Browning Long cartridge. The latter has been in their catalog for years, but
this is the first actual production I have ever seen or heard of.

Headstamp on the 9 x 21 is simply PPU 9 x 21

Headstamp on the 9 mm Browning Long is PPU 9mm Brow.L

That is about the most unusual abbreviation for Browning, or this caliber, I have ever seen on anything related to it - literature, headstamps, box labels, or whatever.

Both cartridges are in Brass cases, with GM RN FMJ bullets and brass primer cups. There are no visible seals on either.

It seems that Prvi Partizan is now committed to actually supplying every pistol caliber they have cataloged. It has become, over the years, an interesting line of

John Moss


John, going to a show tomorrow. Do you need those if I see them?


Jon - No I don’t. I have them already. I bought a box of each. Thanks, though.

John M.


Here are some photos of each of these PPU offerings and their headstamps. Another oddball that showed up in the U.S. somewhat accidentally was .45HP, but there doesn’t seem to be much of that one around.


I wish they would produce French 7.65. Lots of those “unshootable” pistols around. I sold mine due to lack of ammo.


Jon - Buffalo Arms sells 7.65 French long for $52 per 50rds. Reeds Ammo sells the same thing, but for $74 per 50rds. Gad custom cartridges sells a cast-lead loaded 50rd set for $40



Thanks for posting the pictures, DK. About the PPU .45 HP, I obtained
full boxes of both of the loadings in that caliber - FMJ and HP. PPU
has had the 9 mm Browning Long in their catalog, off and on, for years
and years. This is the first production run of it, though, that I know about.
They are really coming on strong in the ammo business, and are producing
a quality product.

John Moss


PPU also produced 7.65 para several years ago. How? One of the big gun dealers in Switzerland needed these ctgs, no more produced by RUAG. As he is the main importer of PPU, à deal was done for the 7.65, for several hundred thousand rounds. But he had to send 2 parabellum pistols to the factory for the tests.
Overhere, we think that PPU ammo is underloaded, just effective. But it is good to have some old calibers for shooting these stored weapons…


JF - What is the headstamp on those 7.65 mm Para cartridges made
for Swiss sales?

The 7.65 mm Parabellum is in the current PPU catalog, English Language
version, and has been sold commercially in the United States. The
Headstamp on those is “PPU 7.65mm PARA” while if produced several
years ago, it would likely be the Cyrillic version, “nny 7.65mm PARA”,
although I have never seen that particular headstamp from PPU.

I have a fired case from Italy, a 7.65 mm Para, with headstamp “PPU 9x21”,
unknown to me if it was a factory expedient, or the work of a reloader. If
the latter, he was quite expert.