PRC 311 Tokarev!

They do exist!
After seeing only fuzzy pictures from Pakistan, I can now happily say that China does use a 311 code on current 7.62x25 production. I have gotten reports of 311 08 and 10, and I just received cases with 311 06 and 311 07 headstamps. Now I need to find out if 301 and 811 Tokarevs actually exist.

Jon = good info and very nice pictures. Thanks for posting.

To add, they are CWS cases, with brass primers and 3 neck stab crimps.

Jon, found a picture of the box. I assume that 311 04 also exist.

Also, just in case you don’t already notice, there is a picture of the rubber bullet round headstamped 311 97.

Yes, I know, I know…don’t rub it in!

Jon, you may already know this, but recent NORINCO brand commercial production in this caliber and also in 7.62x39 is headstamped 311 14. Of course, these are available for sale in Canada only. Regards, Fede.

Yes, I think I have a box on the way to SLICS for me. I would still love to have that military box you posted above.