Pre-SLICS Fatigue

Just finished packing my trade stock for SLICS…boy am I beat. NatoDave will be by in the AM to pack it in his car. Thank goodness I’m flying both ways this year, don’t know if I would have the oomph to drive back.
Sure hope I have lots less bulk to unpack when I get back home…wink, wink…nudge, nudge.
Sure hope to see some of you there. Be sure to stop by and say hello, real nice to put a face to a name. Nothing like getting to a cartridge show, even if it isn’t SLICS.

It is 1248AM EDT in Atlanta and Martin G just quit drinking my malt whiskey and gone upstairs to bed. Dave R went up about an hour ago. i still have a bit of the GlenRothes left in my glass so decided it check the Forum!. SLICs is already great and we haven’t even left Atlanta yet. Expecting two German friends (Rolf F and Werner R) in on Sunday. wonder what they will bring in???

Life is good.


Great thread title

…sorting trade stock…will it fit in the vehicle…what am I forgetting…is my inventory check list up to date (NO WAY)…can’t wait to get there…how lucky am I to be able to drive? (and haul stuff only limited by aforementioned “space”)…what adult beverage should I secure for those late night lessons of ammo from far away countries?..dress for snow ( last year) or potential tornados ??

It’s actually is a relief to get far enough down the road to know “it is what it is” and just wait to get there and greet friends (that you seem to have seen “last week”…but it’s been a year !)

And hear…“what rooms are open” ???

Travel safe. (Yes and a bit unkind to those who can’t come…but I know what it’s like to miss em too!)

Reality calls…off to paint a bathroom !!!

Lew, if you buy cheap booze Martin might go to bed earlier. ;)

I am sorted out & ready for the 1400-mile drive days ahead of leaving (for the first time since going to SLICS 6 years ago). With no display to fuss over, and my quick-deployable tray setup of box lids with corrugated flute all labelled, it’s a cinch. I just stack the lids in one big box with foam in between each tray, and put a heavy weight on top which holds the cartridges in place. The drive itself is the pre-SLICS fatigue for me, it’s the only time I ever drink coffee.

It’s NATO Dave’s sidekick. Totally agree, I’m already exhausted with all the prep work and I’m not even interested in the cartridges! But looking forward to seeing you all there! Safe travels to all.

Just be sure to get all my stuff there safely…don’t get side-swiped by any crazy teenage girls entering the highway across 3 lanes of traffic!!!

Thanks for reminding me of that part of last year’s adventure! At least nobody was hurt and a youngster hopefully learnt a valuable lesson about how not to enter an interstate.


I was having trouble sleeping last night - getting too excited. Saw Lew’s post and it hit a chord. As Pepper is fond of saying, ‘Enjoy the fellowship. It’s often as rewarding as the hunt’. I couldn’t agree more. I had to be ready last week as I pre-ship because I have more than the 5 kg I can fly with. Now it’s the calm before the storm. I fly to Toronto tomorrow morning and meet up with my travel companions. We’ve been doing the road trip for more than 10 years now. Fourteen hour drive each way. Can’t imagine it any other way! The preceding weeks/months of countless e-mail with friends from all over the world who are attending (or unable). Reveling in the anticipation!

What a hobby this is. I can’t believe the quality of the friends that I’ve made or the places I’ve been.


I hope you all have an amazing time at the Show. One day I am going to be there to met all the Ammo Legends I have talked with, learned from and have become friends with over the years. I just hope you all take GOBS & GOBS of photos of all the displays, tables and of the attending members. Drive & Fly Safe!


Suitcase is packed, including 4.9 Kilo’s just too the limit.
Flying out monday morning.

Lew, feel free to bring the bottle of Malt Whisky (if Martin left anything, probably not)
Pepper, please don’t Forget to bring that frangible tracer . . . . . . . .

see you soon

For those who unfortunately have to stay home, take some pictures of the show.
Maybe someone could make some pictures of the room trading in the hotel.


I am packed with most items ready to go into the pickup for travel and arrival on Monday afternoon. Loaded stuff for Paul S, Lew C., Werner R., Jerry B., Joe S., George E., Pete d., Chris P., maybe johnc, and a couple of others plus membership items for the IAA, in addition to the sell stuff including a couple of thousand 9x19s.

A display cuts me back to one trade table this year, guess I will put more items up for auction. As always looking forward to the show and seeing friends. Although we lost a couple during this last year. This will be my 31st Chicago/Slics show. I probably am only 10-20 years away from being an old timer at the show.

I am displaying Speer Nitrex, so if you want an easy sale bring some Nitrex boxes, fliers, and one of the posters they used for advertising.

I am still packing. Lots of trading stock (Pepper!) stuff for Werner too. I work Monday then leave about 3 am Tuesday. I am going a day earlier then normal for me and hoping to do lots of in room trading. 10 hour drive and I can’t wait to do it. Probably won’t sleep very well the next couple of nights. To excited. And to beat all on the 10 hour drive home all I ever think about is I can’t wait until next year!

See yas soon.


I messed up…I packed a bottle of fine scotch and forgot the frangible tracer (after all it was kinda lost on the display last year so we’ll leave her locked up at home!

No display this year…last year’s amounted to about three years worth…so I’ll need to get the effort batteries recharged for another go at it

all in all…more room for adult beverages to share


I have been in the US about a week now and am currently with friends about 100 miles from SL.

I shall be driving to SLICS on Tuesday so will see you all then.

Martin told me he was going to run an open tab at the hotel bar once we know his room number.


Sunday noon. All packed up, finally. Everything that’s left, plus more, listed for sale on my Gyrojet web site is in the van. Have an extra table this year (thanks, Vic) across from my normal two, where I’ll have all the MBA/Trebor/PSI compressed-gas-powered less-lethal cartridges and devices spread out for sale. I’ll also have copies of my Gyrojet book for sale, discounted for cartridge buyers. Loaded up some Florida wine, red and white, for the great Arizona vs. Florida wine taste off Friday night. Beth Woodin claims that Arizona makes some great wine. We’ll see. How can you make wine out of a cactus? Also brought some nice single malt Scotch, so stop by the tables for a wee dram if you can get past His Lordship Sir Martin. (Nice of him to run an open bar for us.) Monday, Cathi and I are off to Memphis to pick up Dave Dermon, then to St. Louis Tuesday. See you all there.

I think I am packed and done. (The avalanche has no more room so I am taking that as a clue). Each year I pack more local wine…cheese…beer to share with folks from far away lands…at 60 years old it’s a high running a close second to seeking treasures.

Pepper, bring me some fresh cheese curds!

Different form of fatigue. - London Marathon done and dusted. Now it’s all out for SLICS on Wednesday afternoon. Looking forward to meeting all the BIG names
SLICS rookie