Pre-WWII Polish designation for 9mm Parabellum cartridge

Does anyone know what it is? In Polish please…

I don’t know if Poland ever gave the 9 x 19 mm a year-model designation, but the best known box label (perhaps the only pre-war box label known), from P.W.U. Fabryka Amunicji simply labels it as “naboje pistoletowe syst. “Parabellum” kal. 9 m/m.” This is from a box label dated from 1938.
I assume it is the pre-1945 designation you are after.

thanks so much. That’s just what I was looking for.

John: would you happen to have a copy of the photo?

Krag - My own box came to me with the label missing. It is the original box with one round in it. I found a clear picture of the label and reproduced it and put it on the box for my own interest and for box identification.

I believe I have a picture of the real label from another collector source, I will have to get permission to send it on, if indeed I kept it in my computer file at all. I will do that later today. I simply do not pass on other collector’s pictures without their permission first.

As it should be. I am writing an article on Polish pistols and may use the photo in it and will need permission and how to credit it.

Many thanks.

I may add that if the designation mentioned in the box would be used in singular form it should be spelled “nabój pistoletowy syst. „Parabellum” kal. 9 m/m.”

Fede - thanks for that.

Krag - I found my picture of a polish box, and it is not prewar. It is the Polish format box, but it is from the period under HASAG during the German occupation of Poland, and the label language is German. Note what you asked for. I will see if the same friend has a Polish one that is truly pre-war. HASAG is not for your purposes.

John: I could use that also if you’ll send it to me.

In another thread I have posted images of the Polish boxes I have and those I have documented, as well as the early German occupation boxes with the HASAG logo on the cartridge headstamp. Hope this is useful.

I am very interested in documenting any other Polish and Polish occupation boxes of this period.


Lew: I would love to use some of them in my article. Can I get your permission to do so and how should I credit them. Please contact me at email addy in post above.

Many thanks.

Krag and Lew - Glad Lew chimed into this. Krag - he is the one that I asked for the photo and permission from. Lew - no need to send me the picture. I likely have it since I print out most threads to do with auto pistol cartridges.

Regarding it designation, I also have a copy of a drawing of the 9 mm cartridge for the wz. 35 pistol dated 1936 and the title is “Náboj system „Parabellum” kal. 9 mm.” Regards, Fede.