Precision-Ammunition 9mm headstamps

I just saw a photo headstamp

P - A RH


I spoke to Dan Powers at PA and they were bought by RUAG about 6 months ago and changed their name and sold off all their stock-mostly to Law Enforcement which was their principle customer. Now they only have RWS headstamp ammo for sale.

Has anyone seen the P- A RH headstamp on 9x19mm ammunition. I would be very interested in even a fired case. Good trade or buy.

Please keep your eyes out. If you find a full box laying around at a Gunshow, grab it!!!

Those guys who are on gun boards----please pass this on!



RUAG is destined to own the ammunition world! Is there any cartridge company they haven’t bought or are considering buying? Just a rhetorical question, no answer required.

The question for Lew, having talked to them, is what ammunition with RWS headstamps do they have??? Some 9mm ball ammo came in recently. The box doesn’t mention Precision at all, but that is not any real big surprise. It doesn’t mean that they are not the ones who imported it. But, what other items do they have in RUAG cases? Other 9mms? Other pistol calibers?

We need the whole story here.

John Moss

I recently purchased a box of 50rds of 9mm with frangible 100gr bullets from a company called “National Police Ammunition”. They are a small outfit using once-fired brass with a variety of headstamps, and they load various calibers with frangible bullets. The box I received had 15 different headstamps, and one of them was this P - A RH 9MM LUGER type from Precision mentioned by Lew:


It’s hard to say for sure, and I assume they would not bother to check if asked, but there are probably more of these headstamps in this type of load from them. I purchased the box last week from but it is showing as out of stock at the moment.

Here are all the other headtamps found in the box. Mostly very common, but good for picking up date / Nato headstamps if you need them. I was wondering about the dots which show both before and after the WCC on the two lower right military headstamps from Winchester:

DK, Great find. Since I posted this, all I have found is a fired case with this headstamp. I doubt any of the original P-A loaded rounds still exist. I chased the last of the P-A stock was sold to a range in machine pistols for people to fire. I called them and they had gone through all the P-A RH rounds in less than a week. The brass had long been sold off! Was glad to eventually find a fired case.

You have a very nice headstamp.


P-A RH also in 40 S&W.
DK - that Independence ((dot) * I * (dot)) 9mm case is rather rare. I’ve only seen 4 with the dots in the tens of thousands of cases I’ve gone through.

Interesting. I see that your 9mm P-A RH case is as abused as mine is. It looks like they had a rough extraction experience at some point.

DK - My P-A RH fired case is the same as you describe and the one pictured. Shows a lot of battering. I wonder if they were loaded to hot. Mine looks like it reflects every little anomaly in the chamber and the breech face of the gun that fired it, if fired only once. Still, the headstamp is pretty sharp, for which I am thankful. A lot of these one-time headstamps, especially from short-live companies, are getting away from “collector distribution” - all shot up and gone before we even know it existed. A shame. The companies responsible for them often don’t even retain a single specimen for purposes of company history, something I don’t understand at all, being somewhat of a preservationist.

I’ll provide one, though :-) RUAG are buying the ammo companies which CBC of Brazil have not. CBC has Magtech, MEN, and Sellier & Bellot, plus an arrangement with Extreme Performance of the UK.

In 2005 RUAG tried to buy MEN, but the German anti-cartel office (Bundeskartellamt) decided against it.

Is there only one anti-cartel office … and if so, why?


The boxes of NPA 9mm reloads with frangible bullets are back in stock at ammunition depot:

This time 48 of the 50 headstamps were YVX 14 (Yavex) brass, which looked new, but could have been once-fired, and 2 were speer headstamped cases.