Precision Ammunition-Florida

Precision Ammunition was established in 1997 by Daniel Powers Jr in Tampa Florida. They produced reloaded ammunition and began to focus on frangible ammunition. Their primary market was Law Enforcement. I was told by an executive that they initially bought their cases from Starline and then from Armscorp of the Philippines and finallyfrom RWS (apparently in 2007-2009). Apparently RWS liked what they saw and bought the company and in 2009 the last of the RWS made P-A headstamped cases with the “Copper Matrix NTF” ammunition showed up in RWS boxes with an RWS headstamp illustrated on the front.Subsequent Copper Matrix NTF loads have RWS headstamps but the box is marked "Made in USA.

Illustrated below is a box by Precision Ammunition. This is probably early production since the cases have normal Starline headstamps. This ammo was probably loaded before 2004 when I first documented the P-A headstamp. Note the lot number on the box end. The “A02” may indicate 2002 production which is about right.

There is also a box similar to the one illustrated, but with green replacing red on the basic label and Indicating “FIREFRANGIBLE” ammunition.

If anyone has photos of other Precision Ammunition Boxes, please post them along with the headstamps.

Any further informations on the company, or corrections to the information above would also be appreciated.



Regarding Precision Ammunition Company, I can add a few facts. They may not be needed for your purpose, but here they are.

In 1998, they developed their first partnership with a frangible supplier and began marketing and producing frangible ammunition.

Their initial participation in the SHOT Show was in 1999, at Las Vegas.

In 2002, they were able to expand their participation in the frangible akmd reduced hazards ammunition market through extensive capital infusions from new partners Del and Brian Groene.

In 2003 they revampled several of their product lines and greatly increased their inventory stock pilings to allow them to pursue larger municipal and government contracts.

The above facts are gleaned, almost verbatim, from their 2003 catalog.

I am not at all sure of this, but it might be a mistake to say that they were purchased by RWS. RWS is owned by RUAG in Switzerland, and the Precision Ammunition Catalog for 2009, while not mentioing RWS at all, does devote a full page to RUAG Greenfire non-toxic primers and their exclusive use of that product. If I have time, I will research this further on the net.

I have a green box from the FIREFRANGIBLE LINE, but unfortunately, it came to me with no cartridge speciments. Aside from saying “FIREFRANGIBLE” below the Precision Ammunition LLC name on the top of the box, it is the same pattern as the red box you show. It is marked on the end label for 9 mm Frangible, Factory New ammunition. No bullet weight is given. It is their Lot number A033F04. If you want, I will scan it and have it posted here, but I am not sure it will serve any purpose, since again, it is almost identical to the box design you pictured except as noted.

Lew - while mentioned on many websites, Precision Ammunition LLC no longer has a website user their name. Using the old “” immediately brings up the RWS-USA website. The address for RWS-USA is the same address as that of Precision Ammunition, on Diana Street in Tampa. So, it seems for at least commercial purposes, the Precision Ammunition name is no more. There was an application for a Patent by them, as far as I can tell applied for since the were picked up by RUAG. It was RUAG Ammotec GmbH that “joined forces” with Precision. I guess RUAG simply assigned the RWS name to Precision. EO of RUAG Ammotec, at least as of their acquisition of Precision Ammunition, was Cyril Kubelka, who was also a member of the Executive Board of RUAG Holding AG. According to information put out by Kubelka “RUAG Ammotec and Precision Ammunition are a perfect fit for each other and will drive forward RUAGRUAG Ammotec’s groth strategy worldwide by opening up new markets and strengthening individual product groups. The combination of innovative bullet design with large scale, high quality component production reflects the increasing demand for frangible non-toxic ammunition. Additionally, it estaqblishes a US presence for the RUAG family of Business to actively bis on US government contracts.” It goes on to say that RUAG Ammotec is located in Tamp, Florida.

I hope this is some help in establishing the correct information for which company actually joined with Precision Ammunition LLC.

The last catalog I have is 2010, and again, it did not mention the RWS name at all, yet the RWS 9 mm ammunition from P-A, with both the old P-A headstamp and the RWS headstamp, came on the market in 2010, probably after the preparation of the catalog. I have not seen a 2011 catalog.From now on, except for the help of a couple of friends, my catalog file will essentially end, as I will no longer be attending the SHOT Show.

John, Thanks! I would have been more correct to say that Precision Ammunition LLC was acquired by RUAG and assigned to the RWS product line.

The corporate entities that make up RUAG can be found at and RUAG Ammotec USA is one of them. The overall RUAG Group, which is apparently a holding company has five major areas, Space, Aviation, Technology, Defense and Ammotec. The Ammotec area appears to be made up of 10 different companies. There are two locations listed for Ammotec (Thun, Switzerland and Fürth, Germany the old RWS address). The history of RUAG is as shown below and shows RUAG assuming Precision Ammunition in 2009.

The RWS box I have with P-A headstamped ammo has a lot number with the last two digits of “09” and the RWS ammunition box has a lot number with the last two digits of “10” probably indicating 2009 and 2010 respectively.

I went to the Internet Archive and found the listing for all of Precision Ammo’s website versions since 2000:*/ Most of them are dysfunctional and show nothing more than this homepage image:

DK, Thanks for the reference from the WayBack machine!!! The old websites shed a lot of light on the evolution of PA boxes.

I couldn’t open the 2000 and early 2001 sites. If you can, please confirm that they have the picture you posted above on them.

Based on Website info, the Red box marked “Precision Frangible”, “Precision Factory New” or “Precision Remanufactured” illustrated in DKs post appear to have been used from at least September 2001 until September 2002 when the red box illustrated in my original post was introduced. The red box is illustrated on the website through Dec 2006, but was used for FrangibleFire (sintered steel core) only through the first part of 2003 when the green FrangibleFire box was introduced for this ammunition. In January 2007 the Copper-Matrix NFT ammunition was introduced (no box illustrated on website) and the FrangibleFire in the Green box was still offered. The website offered both frangible loads through December 2007. There are no copies of the Precision Ammunition website available after this date. RUAG officially established RUAG Ammotec USA in 2009 and probably began assumption of PA sometime earlier.

In 2004 a line of ammunition called FreeFire was introduced in a yellow box marked “FreeFire” on the label and described as Clean Training Ammo offered in the standard bullet weights in 9mm Para (115gr, 124gr and 147gr). These are lead core bullets totally encased in a copper jacket. This ammunition did not appear to be offered for very long.

Does anyone have any of these Precision Ammunition Boxes in their collection?

Below are the headstamps I have on PA loaded ammunition. I understand that there may have been a Starline PA headstamp used before headstamp 2.

Left to right:

  1. Starline case loaded with copper plated, sintered iron FrangibleFire bullet
  2. Case probably made by Armscorp-FrangibleFire bullet
  3. Fired case by Armscorp-Load unknown
  4. Case made by RWS-Copper Matrix NTS bullet-from orange box below-side marked “Made in USA” and RUAG Ammotec USA dated 2009
  5. From green box below-side marked “Made in USA” and RUAG Ammotec USA dated 2010



This is the Green FrangibleFire box mentioned above, courtesy of John Moss. He was nice enough to provide the lot number for this box twice, and only carp about it once! The lot number is “A033F04” indicating manufacture in 2004.


Here is the Yellow FreeFire box from the old PA website. Now all the PA boxes I know of are illustrated.


Sure hope somebody has examples of these two boxes so we can confirm the load in them.

I suspect there is also a PA box marked Copper-Matrix NTF which would pre-date the green RWS box in my previous post.


In the postings above, the website indicates that Precision Ammunition moved from Leesburg FL to Tampa FL in 2004.

Cheers, Lew

Lew and John,
This .40 box indicates the RWS/RUAG designation already. Is this the transition design or is it still used in the US? If I got it right this one here should be from 2008?
The caliber designation here is odd no?

EOD - If you are meaning that the designation CM40 is odd (I don’t see anything that is solely the caliber designation on those parts of your nice box that you show), I don’t think it is odd. It is most likely not really THE caliber designation, but rather their catalog index number for this loading. “CM” is the abbreviation for the words that appear on the top label concerning it being a MatchX bullet. I can’t see the label while I am typing this and forgot to really look at that marking with my glasses on.

Perhaps the other end label has a more normal expression of caliber.

What is the headstamp on these rounds???

John, this is just an empty box and I have never seen the content.
The other flap has no text at all and the long sides and the back have only the usual address things and warnings.
So this here must be somehow related to the caliber.

EOD - it certainly IS related to the caliber, in that the index number includes the caliber. The index number often does, but is usually not expressed in the traditional manner of printing the caliber on a box. The only thing unusual here is that the caliber is expressed on in the index number. I suspect the box left the factory empty, for a display or something, and that is why the other end tab is blank. Only a guess, but an educated one in this case.

John, hard to say for me and certainly confusing as this one turned up in Denmark. A place where privately owned weapons (other than shotguns) are very hard to find.
This box while being empty still contains the black plastic tray for the cartridges. I went back to inspect the inside but could not find any typical stains or indentations bullets would leave inside a box.
So it was really empty as you say or the flat nosed .40 bullets have a very low sectional density (at the tip) which is not affecting the cardboard in a noticeable way.

Anybody out there who has a .40 box with a clear caliber designation on it? Or maybe the same as here but with life cartridges inside?

When I first encountered Dan Powers, Precision Ammunition only sold to Law Enforcement, or only marketed to LE. I saw my first box in the Army Crime Lab, and contacted them. When I tried to buy ammo I finally was put in contact with Dan and he agreed to sell me ammo.

My guess on the 40S&W box is that it got to Denmark through LE channels.


.40 S&W were allowed for pistol shooters here in Denmark along with .45 Colt, .45 ACP and .44 Special three years ago so the boxes turn up occasionally. .40 S&W is popular with practical shooters for their major class. Not many .40 boxes turn up on my dumpster dives at the range though, most of them is the ever popular Magtech. No LE use of .40 caliber here to my knowledge.