Precision Component Technology solid copper bullets


I stumbled across Precision Component Technology today while looking for some solid copper hollow point bullet info. P.C.T. is in Apex, NC, and began manufacturing SCHP and solid brass bullets last year, and appear to make similar products to what Cutting Edge Bullets does. For pistol calibers they offer one 108gr 9mm solid copper projectile with a square hollow cavity meant to fracture the bullet into multiple pieces, similar to the Controlled Fracturing bullet from Lehigh Defense, or the PHD bullet from Cutting Edge. PCT doesn’t load ammo, and the only manufacturer I can find doing anything with their projectiles is Stillwood Ammo in nearby Sanford, NC. PCT is operated by Andrew Barnes (no relation to Barnes Bullets) and operates out of the same facility as his Barnes Precision Machine company which manufacturers AR-15 components.

I’m sure the brass is commercial stuff since Stillwood doesn’t have their own headstamp. Stillwood only sells this 9mm load in 18rd MTM wallets (for $26 per wallet), which is sort of odd in today’s market.



They have some nice pictures of fired .30 caliber projectiles (from .300 Whisper or Blackouts) on their Facebook page. I’d like to see more of that, but the page isn’t very active. They are pretty proud of their products (which I can understand for the .30 caliber projos, but not really for these 9mm projos…).


It is hard to make out, but they also appear to have some interesting headstamps on some of their 9mmP rounds!

I can’t get images of them but it looks like:


I have ordered some. We shall see what hst turns up.



You must mean that bin of loose rds with the ecomass frangible loads, you must have got the last one. It does look something like “AT” are the last two letters of some 3-letter word at 12 o-clock on the brass.


I guess I did get the last one. Mine will likely be full of Starline brass!!!

I will let you know.



Headstamp on those cases would be “NAT” and as I remember it was made by a new US manufacturer, but I don’t remember the name! I’ll post more information as soon as I find it.


Found it! The manufacturer is North American Trade and they have made at least two different variations in 9 mm: NAT 9MM LUGER and NAT 9mm LUGER. Website:


Nice find Fede! That website at Natratrde also explains where the SCHP projectiles originate from that are loaded by Force Kinetics:



Here are the two different 9mm NAT headstamps mentioned above. Both showed up in late 2015.



In talking with a rep at North American Trade, it came out that they also were the brass manufacturer who made the FSM stamped brass for Fort Scott Munitions this past year:

Fort Scott 9mm headstamp


Interesting! Thanks for sharing. Do you have any other headstamps looking like NAT brass?


I’m not sure. I only found out about the Fort Scott connection because the North American Trade Facebook page showed a photo of what looked like a pointed solid copper projectile from Fort Scott loaded into a case. N.A.T. said they dont make those projectiles, but they did do the cases for them for whatever reason.


Here is a Headstamp photo, not very good quality stampings for most of the brass I received, but they are otherwise good looking cartridges.


Nice! A third variation. Thanks for sharing.


Here is a better look at the hadstamp, and also the MTM wallet & label that they came in. A rather spartan label / package for something that is marketed as a premium high-tech type of loading. They are not alone though with Maker Bullets doing it even sloppier with their “Overwatch” brand packaging.