Precision Delta Ammo

Not sure if this is a new style or not, but below are the current shown headstamps for 9mm and .38spl at Precision Delta in Ruleville Mississippi.

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Matt - did Precision Delta have their own headstamp on 9 mm Luger before the one pictured? I have not seen it before, in any form.

It is interesting that the headstamp P-D 9 mm is so similar, from this Mississippi company, as that of Precision Ammunition Co. of Indiana, which has used P-A as their factory designator.

John Moss

Matt, both headstamps are fairly new, as they showed up in the first months of 2017.



I have a P-D 9mm headstamped round that looks basically the same as the one pictured above that I put in the collection in 1991. Without comparing the two next to each other, I can’t claim they are identical.