Premiere qualite shotshell

I have here two cases with the premiere qualite headstamp.

Are these SFM cases?
Are other calibers known with this headstamp?
And is there also a second or third quality headstamp??
Regards rené

Hi Rene,

I have the same style of pinfire case which I believe they called “Marble” (Marbre) but it is head stamped Fabrique Gevelot Paris 8 (8 is in the centre). None with the Premiere Qualite head stamp.


Hi Mike,
I have these also in many different calibers both pinfire and central fire.
But these are the only two I ever found.
I know many companies used different colors for indicating different quality.
And also different headstamp to identify different quality.
But I never found others which literally say it.

Regards rené

Hello René,
Make a picture showing 3 shotshells at the same time ::
your ctge, one Gosselin, one SFM

This can help

From left to right
2x premiere qualite
2x gosselin
2x sfm
3x gevelot

Please enlighten us.

Regards rené

They really look to have the design and paper color than the Gevelot, don’t they ?

Indeed, I think we can rule out Gosselin.
Sfm and gevelot look to be closer to these cases.
I cannot say which ones are more like the premiere qualite.