Prescott show

Thanks to Pete deCoux and Peter Gorbenko, I had a great time at my second showing of the Prescott event!

Spent all $220 that momma let me have!

It may not be a big show but the company and information shared was fabulous! I always learn so much.

Thanks also to my wife for the surprise trip there for our 22nd anniversary.

Picked up some new-to-me .303 British headstamps for my collection and a huge bag of 8mm Kropatschek for tear down and reload to shoot. I also grabbed lots of other goodies for my collection.


Good to hear! We really need to preserve the local cartridge shows, and start new ones.

Thanks Michael

Glad you had a good time & got some goodies. So did I.

Show was well attended, lots of walk-ins and some good items changed hands. With around 35 or so tables sold, the club was only $2 short of breaking even. Couple of guys who wanted to come couldn’t make it for personal reasons otherwise W.S.C.C.A. would have made a few hundred dollars.

Folk from Nebraska, Montana, California, Minnesota & various parts of Arizona attended.

The weather held until Sunday when we had rain & today we have snow.

One of the things I enjoyed more than getting goodies was watching several of the dealers, and you know who you are, actually taking the time to educate people who were new to the hobby and wanting to learn.

I’m only a young 51 but I think it is important to keep this hobby going because it is not only a hobby but history as well. The younger generation needs something better to do than just stare at electronics all the time. Those of us that are baby boomers and older remember people having hobbies and enjoying them and involving others.

Thank you to those who take the time to help others :)