Presidential plane tour at Dayton US Air Force Museum

This is so called “Presidential Plane tour” available (free) only at 9am every day only to a bus-load of first visitors of the museum. That bus takes you to the active restricted Air Force base and they want to control a small group of people. The name of the tour is deceptive since it also includes rare, research and prototype hangar. The reason these old planes are in the active AF base is not secret but space, i.e. there is no room (yet) in the museum itself. Enjoy the tour, note my son standing next to a special wheel chair lift made for FDR. … /slideshow

Those pics were really fantastic. I just want to thank you big time for always thinking of taking such great photos of all the museums you visit and sharing them here. You and Gyro are great for that and I thank you as I can rarely travel and it is so nice seeing and learning from your photos of museums from all over that you visit. You must have so much fun traveling with your son to these places. Those planes were amazing. Thanks again.