Pressure Fuze M1 for anti-tank (practice) M1 mine

I found these out hiking in the Mojave desert and would appreciate any assistance in identifying them. I am including a link to 3 different photos. Thanks.

They look like 40MM Grenade shells to me?


Strange indeed.

Not 40mm cases for the M79/M203 or Mark 19 guns.

These are heavier steel construction with an oddball base plate. Looks like there may be some white residue inside (or maybe just drifted sand).

My guess is that perhaps they are smokeor illuminating candles from 60m mortars, or some sort of pyrotechnic device for smoke screens on armored vehicles or something. Possibly even some sort of special purpose device.

Yeah, I am WAY WRONG on my guess :-)

They are pressure fuzes mod. M1 for anti-tank (practice) M1 mine. … itank.html


You are now entering Pattons’ Playground. Be careful. Cheers, Bruce.

Thanks so much for your excellent help everyone! It looks like the fuse for the anti-tank mine makes the most sense. I’ve been able to identify many of the things I’ve found out in the desert but this one totally stumped me. Thanks again!