Pretty Picture

I do not collect 223 or 50 cal just pick up a few from time to time, but had to
have these when they came up for sale the other day, just to display for visitors, really adds some colour to the conversation!!!
The center dummy 5.56 is a SAF-T-TRAINER by Precision Gun Specialties.
Who or what is Precision Gun Specialties. [it is actually bright orange but cameras do strange things when you are not a good photographer]

Hi Terry,
This is the info about the firm:
Precision Gun Specialties, Inc.
154 E. Condensery Road
Sheridan, MI 48884
Phone: (989) 291-5170
Fax: (989) 291-5788


They make trainingdummy’s “Saf-T-Trainers”

There also exist a firm called SafeTech. They make Saf-T-Rounds. These are chamber flags with a brass head, see on


Nice display of colors.

Thank you, I am not really up to speed with the latest technology, and after compiling an as yet unfinished list of about 2000 headstamps, I find I am still leagues behind in the new or current manufacturers.
But it is a learning curve that I enjoy most times I log on to this site or post a new question, hoping or almost knowing that out there in cartridge collecting cyberspace there will be many far more knowledgeable than I to put to rest my guesses and assumptions with fact.

Terry, in your photo 2nd from the left in the 5.56 row?
It looks like an aluminium projectile with a row of indents around the case quite low down.
What is it???

I have just been informed by email that it is a training cartridge produced by UTM- Ultimate Training Munitions. The 5.56 version is shown at

Thank you very much for that information Frank

As I do not collect these generally, I have only a very rudimentary knowledge
of some of the cartridges in the picture, only what came with them, basically what they are, e.g. "man-marker " so I too have to research to catalogue with a bit more information. But that’s part of the pleasure!