Preview of post


I notice that I no longer get the “preview” of my post, or my edits or any subject I answer too. Is anybody else experiencing this same problem?

Yes, I have checked that the “hide preview” button/link is not pushed.
Yes, I have tried this and resetting it back again.
I have also logged off and logged back in again.
All to no avail?

Odd how you miss it as you cannot see the layout of your post until you have posted it.

Anybody any ideas?



well I can see the preview but the highlight for spelling & the indicator for where the courser is in missing. However if I click in the box on the right where the finished text is shown, when I come back to the “install” area it then works.
Peter Vierke (sherryl) of Canada also can’t seem to find a reply button.


Odd that it has happened.

You really do miss it when you are composing a new topic. I wound up posting and having to go back three times to edit the post before I got the layout how I wanted it.