Primer Collecting


Having purchased a number of boxes of older primers at the Sioux Falls show, which makes me a beginner primer collector as of that date, are their other primer collectors in the IAA?


I do


One very advanced primer collector who is an IAA member is Paul Molans. Whenever he sets up his primer display, those who see it are very surprised (astonished) that there are so many different primers out there, some of which are very old, and that Paul has so many of them and so much information about them. Paul won the Best of Show award at this year’s St. Louis International Cartridge Show, easily beating out my Gyrojet display. In addition, Paul is a great guy who will talk for hours about primers. He’s also a great jazz pianist.

Check the IAA membership roster for his contact information. Maybe the two of you can form a new collecting category for primers.



I second what Mel says. Paul is incredibly knowledgeable in this field. I would not be surprised if he were the most knowledgeable collector, concerning primers, in the world. He is also simply a very, very nice man.

I would have laughed at the notion of collecting primers until years ago I saw Paul’s collection - not even close to what he has now - and in seeing it, I realized what a great potential collecting field it was. Good luck with collecting them if you so decide. It is a fertile field for collecting and not one even close to over-worked.

John Moss


You might add Jim Gooding, editor of CJAJ known for his tremendous knowledge on percussion primers and to whom we owe a reference work: Early Percussion Primers Identification, in which he gathered all the known specimen of the greatest american and european collections and the results of investigations of the different patent offices.


I do, I do, I do !