Primer ID - 44 Colt

Many years ago, when I did metal detecting, I found this fired case. I’ve never Id’d it, especially the primer. Can anyone help?

I think it’s a 44 Colt, copper cased.

1.072 CL

.486 Rim Diameter. .466 case diameter ahead of rim.

Primer is set in a deeply dished cavity in the base. From the inside, there doesn’t seem to be flashole as such. just a large opening, through which can be seen what looks like a bar anvil.


Don’t ask me why the photo is blurred. It looks fine in my photo shop program. I took the photo with a flash so the shadows would emphasize the dished out area.

Any ideas?



Ray: I think it’s a Martin-type in which the primer cup is folded out of the case proper. I can’t remember if all the Martin-primed .44 Colt & Remington (the service designation since the cartridge was adapted to both Colt and Remington percussion revolvers converted to metallic cartridge use) are identical and thus merely uncommon or if there is an ultra-rare subtype or two. A very nice find. JG

Ray–It is almost certainally a Martin primed .44. There are 2 major variations, a folded-head and a folded-head with reenterent folded rim. The folded type just shows a standard rimfire type case head just at the junction of the head and case while the reenterent type will have a what appears to be a slot at the junction. There are also flat primer face and rounded primer face varieties, but on a fired case I’m not sure you could tell these apart.