Primer tins

And primer tins; mostly U.M.C.

Amer Flask & Cap 250 No 1 Berdan's Clinton 250 No 1 or 1½ Dominion 250 No. 1 Dominion 250 No. 1½ E Rem 21 E Rem Hicks 100 No 2 Hicks 250 No 2 for Brass & Paper Shotshells Waterbury Brass Co. Parker Peters 100 No 2.5 for Nitro Powder Peters 100 No 2 Peters 100 No 6 Peters 250 No 1.5 Peters 250 No 1 Peters 250 No 2 Peters 250 No 3 for Nitro Powders

U C & C Co 100 No. 2 U C & C Co 100 No. 3 U Cap & C 250 No 2 UMC 100 No 1 UMC 100 No 2 UMC 100 No 3 Nitro UMC 100 No 5 Nitro UMC 100 No 6 Smokeless UMC 100 No 6½ Smokeless UMC 100 No 7 Smokeless UMC 100 No 7½ Smokeless UMC 100 No 8½ Smokeless UMC 250  Improved Copper No. 2 Wesson Primes for Brass and Paper Shot Shells UMC 250  No 0 Improved Copper UMC 250  No 1  Improved Copper UMC 250  No 1 Berdan for Military and Sporting UMC 250 8½ Nitro UMC 250 Brass Malin Primers Adapted to Cartridges for 40 & 45 Cal. Repeating Rifle UMC 250 Improved Brass No 2½ Primers Adapted to Military and Sporting.JPGPatent Percussion Primers for Metallic Shot Shells UMC 250 Improved Copper Primers for Smith & Wesson's, Colt's and other Small Calibre Pistol Cartridges UMC 250 No 00 Primers for Cartridges Adapted to Wesson, Steven & Maynard 22 Ca Rifles  A. C. Hobbs Pat Sept 14, 69 UMC 250 No 0 UMC 250 No 1½ UMC 250 No 2 UMC 250 No 2½ UMC 250 No 3 for Trap and Smokeless Paper Shot Shells UMC 250 No 6 Nitro UMC 250 No 6½ Nitro UMC 250 No 8½ Brass Primers UMC 250 No. 1 UMC 250 No. 1½ Berdan UMC 250 No. 1½ UMC 250 Wesson Primers UMC 500 Berdan Primers Extra Strength for Candle Practice Only UMC No 1½ UMC Patent Percussion Primers for Metallic Shot Shells UMC No 2 Berdan Patent Percussion Primers for Metallic Cartridges UMC No. 5 Copper UMC No. 6½ Nitro (1) UMC No. 7½ Nitro UMC Orcutt UMC Patent Percussion Primers paper UMC Patent Percussion Primers print Win 250 No 2 Berdan Win 250 No 4 Leader and metal lined Winchester No. 2 Winchester No. 5



You will have Will going through those now :)…

Lovely selection, good photos too, thanks for the pictures.


All done with a flatbed scanner. It knows what it’s doing with itself far, far better than I know what I’m doing with a camera.

I was blown away by the Peters No. 2 1/2 and No. 6 paper overlabels on Peters enameled tins. Also the 250-count tin of Wesson Primers tin; I have pretty much the same label without the WESSON. Somebody hand penned the word Berdan in the same area. It contained Berdan primers. I guess printed before UMC thought there was a need to differentiate between Berdan and newly-introduced Wesson primers.

I thought the Marlin marked one one was most uncommon of the bunch.

Nice collection Rich

Also If you could bring your U…M…C…& C. C o… tin to SLICS I have three which I will bring & it would be interesting if yours is different.

Will do. I’ve seen a total of two other examples of the Marlin tin, but that’s it.

Hi Rich.
I agree with Pete. The Marlin tin is pretty nice. I have not seen that one before. Even though I don’t collect primer tins, I still like to look at them. That is a very nice collection Rich. Thanks for sharing.