Primer transport and storage for loading machines?

After looking at the photos in the "Primers of Bosnian “UNIS GINEX” thread I have a question.

How do Remington and Winchester for example transport and store primers in house for use in ammunition loading machines ?


If one reads Frost’s Book “Ammunition Manufacture” (NRA Publications) he describes a system developed by WCC/WRA back in the 1930s, of using a perforated cardboard sheet, with a backing of kraft paper, to Lodge the primers, all Anvil up; this was then covered by another sheet of Paper, which could be removed. These Trays held a very large number of primers, and were stacked into a special travelling crate for movement between the Primer Plant and the Loading Plant/s.

Upon arrival at the Loading/Priming machine, the upper paper was stripped off, and the primers dumped safely into the Hopper/tray of the Machine. The Trays were then returned to the primer Plant for re-use.

Previous to this developemnt, Primers were “Loose packed” usually in wooden Boxes, for shipment from Plant to Filling Factory; For Overseas Bulk supply, special wood trays or cardboard Loose Packs were used ( like the folded sleeves still used for Berdan primers by RWS , Vihtavuori, etc.

Kynoch used Grooved Pine trays for Boxer Primers,( retail) but since the majority of Kynock Primer Production was Berdan, (No anvil) a Bulk tin was
used (or wood boxes with lead foil lining.)

A Massive explosion occurred back in 1903-04, in a US Plant loading .30/40 Krag ammo, the inquiry found that the worker carrying a Steel Bucket of primers from the primer Plant to the Filling plant would jiggle the bucket to produce a musical sound,as he walked, and that this was the cause of the Explosion…Primers in exploding in mass, have a synergistic explosive effect ( the whole is much more than the sum of the parts).

Now-a-days, I suppose primer transport uses a Larger size of tray (in Plastic) than the normal commercial trays for sale to shooters…Shotgun primers are available in 400 and 1000 primer Trays for commercial reloaders ( Italian primer Makers, such as Martignoni.).

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I have seen the large primer trays in use at Federal’s facility, but I didn’t take any special note of the details of the operation, so I can provide none. I do seem to remember they may have been made of aluminum, but I can’t be sure.

Thank you for the prompt replys.
I now know a lot more than I did before on this subject.

But now I do have some more questions for another topic .