Primerless 32 S & W

Have a normal looking 32 S & W blank with a natural color cupped top wad. The case has no primer just a small primer size hole (.175") all the way through the case head with a small cupped wad at the bottom. Is this a booster cartridge for a larger cartridge, mortar or artillery shell? Hdst is REM - UMC 32 S & W.


I don’t think it has any relevence to your .32 blank but as nobody else has replied I thought I would just share this with you.

In Britain a lot of punt gun cartridges used a .32 blank instead of a primer. The practice seems to have been fairly widespread. I would assume punt gun cartridges needed a bit more ignition to get the blackpowder charge alight.

I imagine punt gun cartridges were commercially made but all the ones I have ever seen were the product of local machine shops and would be reloaded ad infinitum.

.32 blanks were readily available from sports shops in Britain for use in starting pistols whereas other calibre blanks weren’t so easy to obtain. I suggest that was why they were favoured.

This may or may not have any relevance to your enquiry. The lack of a primer pocket in your example seems strange.