Primetake's new 12GA DB-5 anti drone load

Just came across this new load by them.

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So they’ve either licensed (and rebranded), or copied the design from Advanced Ballistic Concepts. I’m surprised that an outfit like Primetake would be interested in these gimmicky things since they require a special choke to function correctly, and only function well at certain ranges. Things like 3.00" 12ga Turkey loads with plated shot would be at east equal if not better, and would cost far less, and with much greater availability. There is also frangible #4 buck, or steel BB loads with more potential spread and impact potential.

ALS Less-Lethal was licensing these things at SHOT Show 2017 as well if I remember correctly. I see that on ABC’s website that they are under some sort of restructuring, so perhaps they have been sold, or merged?

Matt, Primetake is also offering other material they are not making themselfes. So it is hard to say which way they went with these here.

About shot loads being better:
I assume here “colatheral damage” plays a role as these can be used when crowds of people are present.
Shot my be still too dangerous when returning to the ground while this design creates so much drag that falling down bullets may be almost harmless.
I am sure they did testing in this regard.
Maybe theree will be more info in future as it always takes some time till facts and bits of data get out.

Side note:
About 2-3 years ago there was a public event where the French president was around and I saw at least one of their security folks with a Saiga semi-auto 12GA and was amazed as I did not immediately connect this to drone defense. Initially I thought that the gun would be inappropriate for a bodyguard in crowds of people (as for the said danger when using it in a normal way) but it makes a whole lot of sense in this new threat scenario.

Soon at a theater near you, Stars Wars “War of the Drones” Just kidding
Bird shot is less costly :-) Thank you for posting .
OK I watched the Video it is better then bird shot :-)