Priming Systems

I finally received my n0 532 Journal after missing the last two
A heads up to Dwight Jackson for the ORCUT primer report speaking for myself I was never really able to determine to looks
of that primer and its seating pocket.I know now.I have long felt that it would be a good idea to devote a whole issue of the journal
to priming systems of all kind of small arms the older types in particular with nice pics to show the gut.I know I get skinned now
I am certain that many of us and the beginners of our hobby in
particular have only a vage idea of what the dicussion is all about
when it comes to priming systems,There is no shame not to know
we all must learn.I just discovered after the report from DWIGHT
that I have cartridges with that system.No our auxcillerary issue to the Journal is not cutting it when it comes to that it only provides a rough idea on the subject.The journal should not only
be to show as many small arms rounds as possible but also be
as educational as possible in particular to those youngsters that are just entering our hobby.I speak a lot for myself also when I came in I knew shit the Vaterland did not allow me to have any of it and here I wished in the beginning I would have had a teacher
as a result I paid dearly learning the rops of this fascinating hobby.I got myself a mentor his name was Don Blyth no he did not know me but one day in the 1960 he walked into a gun show
with a show box of incredible valuable rimfires and it was there and than that i deceided to have some of them and I did get them