Printing forum threads

I often print out a hard copy of particular forum threads for my files. It was a very routine process. But now, it seems, it has become much more difficult, requiring some intermediate steps through another application. At times, it will not work at all.

What happened??


Ray, I have Abobe Acrobat 8 for pdf files and Google Chrome. I can print a page directly into a pdf file with no problem. I don’t know if it works with other brousers but it likely does since Adobe is what provides the option of printing to a pdf file in multiple applications.


Should only require 3-4 mouse clicks inside your browser.

What OS & browser are you using ? Important to throw that out there up front. Like when asking for help with your car…make and model can go a long way to getting a helpful answer.

That said…whatever browser you use google "print preview "for it. Follow the directions to enable this function. Once you can utilize this function it allows you to see the pages as the browser will print them. You can resize to fit, change orientation of the pages and even select which of them NOT to print.

This also allows you to select your printer. If you are running Window$ 7 the XPS (???) printer is your default, now select your "real " printer.

Then print no big deal, no extra software.

As for making/printing PDF of the post, all as above except you need pdf printer driver, you do not need to purchase Adobe Acrobat. Free pdf printer drivers are available.
Once you have installed the pdf printer you simply select that printer to print , name your new pdf & select where to put it.
Takes less time to do it than describe it.

Need more info PM or email me.