Printing services for cartridge collectors!

Hey all!

My print shop recently acquired a Sterling Digibinder. We also recently procured one of the most advanced small production copiers on the market (Ricoh C7210x Graphic Arts Edition). The Digibinder is what is known as a perfect binder (if you’ve ever seen a mass-market soft cover book, chances are it’s perfect bound!). It uses a high-strength glue to secure the pages inside of a cover and can typically handle between 250 and 300 books per hour, hand-fed.

The 7210 has the unique ability to print in what is known as fifth color. Currently I have Clear and White. What’s so special about white? Most printers cannot print in white! It lets you print clearly on darker colored paper or even black paper. Or, white could be printed as an underlying layer to make images POP on black paper. The Clear option allows great emphasis on certain areas using a thick, glossy toner (text, graphics, images, or the full page can be clear-coated).

What does this have to do with cartridge collecting? Simple: I can print small runs of books, booklets, magazines, posters, flyers, notepads, etc. I can print and bind books anywhere from two pages up to two inches (5.08 cm) thick with a soft cover (with a spine up to 12 inches/30.48 cm tall!). In addition to glue binding with the Digibinder, I can also print with the much simpler saddle stitching method (think your IAA magazine).

Want to have a printed catalog of your collection created to your specifications? I can do it! What to spruce up your man cave with 13x27 inch (33x68.5 cm) posters of cartridges with spot-gloss treatment to salivate over? I can make it happen. Want a calendar, notepad, or notebook designed with your favorite cartridges or prized pieces in mind? Easy enough, we just have to set it up.

I also offer straightforward designs and layouts for cataloging cartridges or other collectibles. If you have any questions about the process or pricing, please send me a message! I will gladly offer discounts to anyone on the forum. And if this post goes against the rules, I’ll take it down.

Here’s some blank sample books showing various sizes:

Various thickness:

Strength of the bind:


Here are some samples of a few charts I came up with for logging cartridges. They should be editable for information as well as pictures.

Cartridge chart.pdf (20.5 KB)
Cartridge chart2.pdf (45.3 KB)
Chart pages.pdf (42.2 KB)

Tom, Good luck on this venture! Country needs more small business owners! Your friend Tom Dokulil

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Tom, from experience I found out that once people are aware that you have a piece of capitol equipment like that printer, you’ll get more business then you can handle. I suggest you try school districts near you. They need a lot of printing done.

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Self-publishing authors, of course, but also folks writing family histories would love this! Best of luck, Bob

Thanks for the support! I was figuring that there wasn’t going to be too much interest as of yet (how often do any of us publish books really?) but I thought I’d get the word out that I can do it!

And yes, family histories or really anything. From coloring books, to-do lists, anything really.