Private message

I looked into my private messages and noted that I have 10 messages in my inbox
(allthough the counter says 13) and 100 in my outbox (didn’t count those) that are
not mine. They are all from/to Slick Rick and go back to Aug 2008.
I can delete them, but am wondering:

  • how they got in there
  • if Ricks “needs” them
  • what happened to my messages

can you pls look into that


Hey Rene

I just checked my inbox. Out of curiosity. All my stuff is current. Since the restart.

I don’t need copies of anything, so delete away.


It could be a funky old database legacy. Your user number in the database may be the same as what was slickrick’s. his pm’s may have found their way to your in/out box based upon linking up with the user number. no matter what your user name is, it’s all about your user number–it’s a database thing. that’s my best guess.

Now I’m trying to remember if I’d said anything bad about somebody. Besides Ray.


I’ll never know beause apart of the two I opened to see where they came from / went to
I didn’t look into any and I am not planning to do so either. Take care.