Problem with Kal 12 Remington

Sometimes I have some problems with the English language

I think this is a military box made by Remington.

If I translate No 8 “chilled shot” something comes out like a cold/icy drink.
I know for sure that there is a company in Tennessee who make something with a No 7.

What do I have here?

Dutch, chilled shot would be Hartschrot in German. Simply, shot that is less deformed in the barrel and gives better results.

In the U.S. “chilled shot” refers to the lead pellets in a shotgun shell. They can be made several different ways, the best being a “chilled” process which leaves them spherical (round) and relatively hard.
This box is military ammunition from WW2. It was mainly used for training aerial gunners, basically by shooting at clay targets similar to trap or skeet competition.

Afterwards, some people undoubtedly did consume cold drinks!