Problems with the new forum


I’m getting many errors when trying to download a thread with many posts like these examples:

Am I the only one having this problem?

Thanks for the help,




These downloads are opening for me without errors.



No problems at all.


Do you mean that you have no errors after using “Save Page as”? Many pictures are missing when I do this.





I may not be following you correctly on this but I just opened one of the links you listed, clicked on Edit, clicked on Select All, clicked on Copy and was then able to Paste the entire copied web page in Word and all the text and pictures are there.


Well after going back and looking at the copied page again I see now that only the first page (first page as it was in the old forum ???) was copied.

When I highlighted the remaining text and pictures only part of the highlighted text and pictures were saved and copied over to Word.

If I went back to the page and highlighted each missing section of text and pictures separately, I was able to copy each section and past it into Word. Amounts to some extra work to save a thread.

I also noted some of the pictures were distorted and required re-dimensioning.



I usually save a copy of interesting posts by simply selecting print and then printing them (actually saving them) with Adobe Acrobate (.pdf files).

This approach doesn’t work with the first thread you list. The document is only 19 pages long and stops about two thirds of the way through the post, In addition pages 5-10 are blank and the data on those pages in the actual post is lost.

With the second thread you mention, the pdf file was 11 pages long and the last half is missing.

Since DKs post in the first thread is quite long, it looks like it doesn/t work for the last part of long posts or the last part of long threads! Perhaps there are limits set in the forum that can be expanded!

This is a pretty serious problem for me. When I have time I will try other methods of creating a pdf. The print option is so easy that I hate to lose it.



Hi Fede,

I will see if I can figure out something for this.

It is a feature request for the software that others have requested as well. I went ahead and posted a comment on there about it as well.

In the meantime there is a temporary solution that may work for you. It is kind of a ridiculous thing to do, but if you load the page with javascript disabled then it will load the page and add pagination links to the bottom so you can print 20 replies at a time. If you use Google Chrome there is a nice extension I found called “Quick Javascript Switcher” that will turn off javascript for the current page and reload it. You can then click it again to go back. I am sure there is a similar Firefox extension if you use that too.

It may work for you in the meantime until I can get a better solution.


For those of us who don’t speak “Techie”, that made no sense at all. :)


Jonny, I clicked on the “Quick Javascript Switcher” link, but it indicated that it could/would read my browser history which I think translates sending my internet activity out to others. I am probably wrong, but decided not to install it.



Yeah. It has to know what page you’re on to know what page to refresh without JavaScript.


On about the same day, MLB dropped the “Classic Gameday” option and the new IAA Forum opened. No offense intended to either the IAA or MLB, but so far I’m not happy with either change.
Both seem to be too “busy” and confusing, and aimed at those who live attached to all their devices. Hey, I’m still into Star Trek (the original one!), but I don’t want to have to work so hard on my leisure time activities.
I hope to get comfortable with both of these new challenges, but so far it ain’t fun.


See this reply:


Oh, I do understand that change was needed to fix the problems with the old system, my difficulties stem from the extent of the change…at least for the IAA. That doesn’t explain the MLB issues. ;)



Is there any new solution to solve the problem ocurred when trying to download, copy/paste and create a pdf in the new forum? I find it very frustrating not being able to keep record of many of the great discussions found here.

Also, how do you edit older posts? I’m not being able to update older threads with checklists that some may be using as reference.

Finally, is there any way to expand the forum’s display view? In my opinion it is very narrow and in some cases is not displaying pictures correctly. Actually, it looks much better in a cellphone than in a 24’’ monitor.




Fede - from a desktop computer you can click on the hamburger icon (the three horizontal lines between your avitar and the search menu near the top right) and select “mobile view” near the bottom of the menu. The forum display will then take up the entire width of your browser.


Thank for the help, but I’m not being able to find this option in the menu. Please, can you post an image?


A menu item “mobile view” does not show up in my browser (Firefox 47, Windows 8.1) either.


Sounds like it would be a good menu item/ function to have in the browser.


@Fede , in the feature request I linked to previously, they mentioned that they are adding the print view. So hopefully it may show up sometime.


Aaron, thanks a lot! That would be great.