Procedural requests - PLEASE!


I’ve been doing house cleaning on older threads before things pile up too deeply.

Several issues have become evident.

b[/b] If you include a photo in your post, please do [i]NOT[/i] move it or re-name it on the hosting site unless you up-date the underlying code in your post. If you do not, all which shows is the broken link icon.
— Ditto, removing it from the host. Please don’t, at least not yet.

*** We are considering creating a gallery / hosting set-up specific to this site, but it will take some time to implement once the decision is made to proceed. For the benefit of ALL, especially those coming here for the first time in the future or people wishing to search for particular information, please, please help preserve the integrity of the material already posted.

b[/b] Wherever possible, insert text in an appropriate area of the photo identifying what is being shown. Please, at the very least, caption any photo as best you can rather than using the default alpha-numeric code name assigned by the various software packages: e.g., “.800 Big Bang.jpg” rather than “DSN20789.jpg” (or whatever) so that these photos may be sorted and associated with posts once the photo library is in place.

*** We need to think in the long term here. The IAA Journal CDs / DVD are a treasure trove of information and this site shows every indication of being of equal value to collectors / researchers. The people posting questions / answers / essays are doing some serious work here - please preserve it for the future!

b[/b] If you post an identification query, please be sure to notify a staff member (John S., ChristopherB., Iconoclast or Ron Merchant) when this has been answered in case we overlook it. This way, we can edit the topic heading from “Need ID” or whatever to include the identification for future searches, e.g. “ID? (7.15 Batman Express)”.

TIA for your cooperation in making this site an even greater asset for us all!